How can I get the German citizenship without renouncing to my citizenship?

My girlfriend and I are planning to live in Germany, she is french and I am from South America. I know in fact she can have double nationality since her country is part of the EU, by the other hand I am not that lucky and I don't like the idea of having the citizenship of a foreign country and not having the right to keep my original citizenship.


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  • Double citizenship is currently illegal in Germany. This means you have to either renounce your own citizenship or not take up the German citizenship. Unfortunately, there is no other solution/possibility.

    However, I'm wondering why the German citizenship is so important to you anyway although you're not even living there yet. You can also live in Germany without possessing the German citizenship. You can just wait and get a permanent visa. Even IF you could become a German citizen, you would have to wait at least 8 years to be allowed to send an application. That's so far in the future that I don't think you should worry about anyway. There are much more urgent questions, such as: can you support yourself when you move to Germany (do you have a job offer?) and how will you get around? Will you study German? Etc.

    • How does that permanent visa works?

    • These are the requirements to be eligible for a permanent residence visa in Germany:
      You must:
      - Have been living in Germany for five, uninterrupted, years;
      - Have a secure livelihood with health insurance and provision for retirement (pension);
      - Have adequate living space;
      - Possess adequate German language skills (at least European language level B1) and a basic knowledge of German life, legal and social systems (by taking an integration course);
      - Not have a criminal record
      - Have a stable income.

    • If you want to settle down in Germany (or another western European country for that matter), you need to either have a job offer from a German employer, or you need to be accepted at a German university or you need to be eligible for political asylum. These are the only ways you will get a temporary German visa. In the second case (if you apply to study at a German university), you also need to provide evidence that you have enough money to support yourself. I don't know how much it is in Germany but here in Switzerland, you need to have at least 22,000 Swiss Franks (20,000 Euros) and you need to prove this every year.
      If you manage to get a temporary visa for Germany, you can settle down and after 5 years of residency, you can apply for a permanent residency visa.

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  • It depends on the laws of your country: some counties take citizenship away from emigrants who obtain another nationality. Many others don't.