Is it bad that I ignore my father's calls?

Honestly... He's not a father. He's a father bc of a sperm. It hurts me to hear from him after he put me through.. I don't really have a real family besides my mom. She's the only person that's been there for me since I was born. I hurts so much inside when I have to talk to him or face him... He never supported me so why call and pretend everything is okay. I don't call him. He expects me to call him like he has a life and I don't. He calls and he's like " why don't you call me anymore?" I bring up an excuse.." because I'm busy and I have school" he's like " You couldn't spend 5 mins talking to me? " I'm like you never do either so..." And I gave him an attutide kinda raising my voice.


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  • I wouldn't talk to him, because there is a term biological father, which has nothing to do with you staying in touch with him, like any other random person.


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  • He is trying to make the effort. Be glad for that.

    Also realize he is probably paying your mother monthly child support. That is a rather harsh penalty for being a "sperm" donor.

    What your mother and father have between them is between them. You should not take sides and instead look at what each has with you, or is trying to have. When your father is trying to have a relationship with you, and you simply scorn him, not only is it rude, but it is also unfair (presuming he is paying child support).

    If he is a drug addict, a career criminal, or the like, sure, that may be reason to avoid him. But in other cases, accept that someone else can genuinely care about you.

    If you put in the effort to get to know him and to involve him in your life, there is no downside. If you absolutely do not wish to have a relationship with him, then make sure he is not paying child support.

    • He's no a sperm donor, he just never wanted kids his pleasure was sex?

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    • You are not listening.

    • I can't just go up to him and ask for help when he never had helped. Why does people expect so much from me?

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