How do I become more confident and accepting of myself?

How do I accept myself and become the person I want to be?
I want to be to be the type of person that does and wears the things they like and doesn't really give a crap what anyone else thinks of them, but in reality I'm a fairly quiet, mousey girl who most people probably don't even notice.
I don't particularly like my body althouagh I'm told I should, I'm slim but i have no curves whatsoever and im always told im 'so small' even though i'm 5'5 and i think im about average, it makes me feel like a child.
I'm just looking for some advice on how to feel better about myself really


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  • Just understand this people are always gonna judge you but they can't control you. Don't let them dictate you with pressuring you with what you "should" or "shouldn't" wear or do.

    Get the "should" and shouldn't" out of your life just believe in yourself. If a man is gonna only look at your body to be with you forget that guys he is not worth for you.
    Whats worth is your character and personality, you can improve this by just doing good things. Being confident is just mind games... the people you see who are "confident" act like they're confident. You gotta understand this... no body is confident, but everybody is good acting as if they're confident. Act this way you will be confident, but don't trick yourself though always be good person, build up your character and you will find a man that doesn't look at a body that is going to age no matter what. Be smart.

    I don't need to see your picture to tell you your beautiful but believe me you're just thinking to much about your body. You are beautiful you don't need curves to be one, some girls have that yet they lack character... they're not beautiful. You are.
    I mean your slim your height is perfect, just believe in yourself that you are. That's all you need.


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  • Set goals for yourself to be the person you want to be. So if you want better style and fashion then go out and buy new clothes and get assistance from the people working in the store. If you want to work on your body then go to a gym or workout at home.

    Just set goals for yourself and be happy knowing that you are becoming a better person.

  • You start by liking yourself and then the rest will follow


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