How can I travel overseas if I don't have a job?

So as my title says. I live in the U. S. and i know "you can't without a job" is going to be a few of the answers i see. Okay firstly I just got let go about a month ago. (not my fault or choice. Company can't pay for all employees). I've been trying to look for a job but either it: 1. Doesn't work with my school schedule or 2. Not enough customer experience. I've been busting my ass for a job. Even fast food places are filled up. I am getting unemployment checks soon but I want to work to make the traveling thing come true. I am not going to quit school, I graduate this September. My school is a technical school so their is no work study there. I heard about at home jobs but they don't look legit. I mean it would be nice to work from home because the schedule is flexible. Any suggestions?


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  • I don't understand your problem. If you have a US passport, then you show up at an airport with a ticket to any country that doesn't require a visa for a US citizen and they let you in. Most countries do not require a visa for US citizens.

    I have been to 23 foreign countries, spent well over a year outside the US on about 60 different trips.

    • I've never traveled outside of the country but this is very useful!!! Thank you!!!

    • Where do you want to go?

  • well, priorities man.

    you should probably put off travelling until you're in a more stable setting.

    if you really want to go, beg your parents to pay for the expenses and you'll pay them back when you can.

  • joint the military travel the world and see new and interesting places and they pay you to go.


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