How Has Your Weekend Been?

Yesterday I went to get fitted for a tux for my friend's upcoming wedding. I've never been to a wedding before, and the first one I'm going to I'm going to be a grumesman in. While there, me and the guy who fitted me shared a few "brain fart" moments. Firstly, my friend and his future bride share names with a few other couples who are getting married, and believe or not, there is another couple with the exact same names that are getting married on the same date as my friend. So we spent ten minutes trying to figure out why my name wasn't in the reservations list, before we realized we were in the wrong list.
Then, when he was typing down my personal information (phone number, email, etc.) He hit enter, but it wouldn't let him continue onward, and a pop-up appeared abruplty and said that it couldn't proceed without "listing my phone number as either H or W" (There was a separate tab next to the phone number section labeled "H/W". Neither of us knew what H/W meant, so he called a co-worker over, and she hit H and pressed enter, and it let us proceed. It was then that I realized that the H/W was Home or Work phone. Once I told him, we both laughed and felt like complete jackasses.
That was part of my weekend. How was yours?


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