Why do I feel so lonely?

I have friends, I talk to them almost every day, I love my job and what I'm doing, I'm a very sociable person and although I live alone I even know most of my neighbors and sometimes we organize things. I am single, which might make me feel a little lonely sometimes but I go out a lot and meet new guys and I've had pretty cool dates but usually I end up thinking I don't really clic with the person so it's not like I'm trying to be with someone. But I just feel very lonely very often... and also bored. Sometimes I feel like my friends simply don't get me and although I have fun with them, it's as if they're not really a part of my life. I love my family but they live far away, so that might also be a reason to feel lonely. But we talk very often, so I don't know. I just want to be normal and be ok and stop feeling lonely for no reason. Do you have any ideas? Does this happen to you too?


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  • Yes I feel the same having moved to a different state for college and having to make new and different friends was a completely new experience. It is normal to feel alone for no reason and I get it as well even though I have some good friends and a caring family

    • yeah, it sucks... I guess it's normal but I don't know :/

    • Well I think it is somewhat okay to feel that way from time to time. It does suck though whenever it happens

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • You're just in a rut and don't know the reason why. You need to invent ways to publicly humiliate your friends in order to feel like you're in control of your life. Sure, you'll lose a lot of friends this way, but there are billions of people in the world, so they're all absolutely expendable. Be sure to video record their humiliation so in your old age you'll have hour upon hour of mean-spirited memories with which yo feed your ego to everflowing!!

    • are you a sociopath?

    • What a vulgar thing to say! I wish you were my friend!

  • this is only a guess. one one thing you want and need is missing for your life. since you are not having much luck finding the right SO who will love, care, cherish you and hold you. have you thought about a pet. they will not judge you, they are usually loyal, loving and always want to be with you. you can talk to them and not worry about getting into an argument with them.

    • I'm allergic to dogs and cats and I think having another kind of pet won't be as helpful as those two may be :/

    • but thanks for the idea!

  • You want the D

    • I told you, I've gone on dates a lot. Some have gone pretty far, some not so much. But it's not like I'm missing "the D"

    • I mean me xD
      My name starts with 'D'

    • hahaha smooth

  • I'll live far away from family too I don't have any friends nor I meet up with new people. I never had a relationship too so it makes it hard to find someone. I have a hard time finding friends that are decent. Sometimes I become so sad other times I even cry in the darkness so nobody sees me. Im journaling which kind of makes me happier but I just wish there was someone that I could talk and show my feelings to.

    Its definetly not easy being alone I think in your case you need someone around you to care for you and be there for you. You should look around yourself maybe there is a man that's willing to do this. Maybe all you need is to be loved.

    • I'm sorry about your situation. I know the feeling... I'm not sure, when I had relationships I usually felt lonely too after the "honeymoon phase" stopped...

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