Will you bet that G@G staff remove the closed question features? or no?

The bets are on removal of close question feature.
But it annoyed you by now.

Winners gets all thumbs up oooooh!
Losers gets noddin ooooooh!
When this post is closed we'll see who wins

  • Not happening, that sucks...
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  • It will happen.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I doubt they'll remove it but they'll probably change it.

    • Yeah, but changing it don't count though haha.
      You annoyed by it too?

    • Heck yes I am. I'm tired of going through my feed seeing closed questions over and over again.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not happening they still haven't brough back downvotes.


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What Girls Said 1

  • well if we riot hard enough they just might lol

    • I bet they won't, cuz they've got sixteen guard dogs ooooh!
      One's a couch potato though, really cute dog.

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