Why do lambs get mistreated? Why the hell nobody puts a stop to this?

I hate seeing tv commercials involving innocent lambs or animals get abused for no reason. Why people are living their lives these innocent animals have to suffer by those cruel idiots. Why doesn't animal cruelty stop Jesus Christ.


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  • Yup, humans suck! They mistreat pretty much every animal there is. Animals spend their life being loyal to humans and we repay them by treating them like shit.

    It is not only lambs though

    Red Pandas get killed by humans because people want their skins to make hats etc out of.

    Elephants get killed for their tusks.

    Lots of wild animals like Orangutans die because humans are burning off the forrest where they live and planting palm oil fields which these animals can't live in, they can't get food and die. Palm oil is in lots of food items we buy and even in some toilet papers.

    Even smokers littering cigarette butts kills animals. Birds mistake them for food, eat them and die. When the cigarette butts wash into the water ways and into the sea fish eat them and die.


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  • People treat animals and meat as a commodity, not as living creatures. Why does it go on? Because every world government is too interested in its own well being to stand up to these people and punish them properly.

  • Because lambs are delicious!


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