When I post a happy picture on Facebook I get 10x more likes/replies than if I post a serious philosophical question. Why are people scared?


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  • People aren't scared, it's just that facebook isn't really the greatest platform for serious/philosophical questions. It's more about sharing your happiness and/or your "inspiring" story, lol. Anything else gets kind of overlooked because people tend to use facebook to escape real problems.

    • Its the most used form of social media and I don't get it. We are supposed to share everything happy I get that. Its not like I'm posting holocaust pictures and stuff like that... A lot of people are posting political stuff right now because of the time (and I hate politics) I just am tired of people ignoring real issues. I post very subtle things that I want to open peoples eyes just even a little bit... Always passed by

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    • You can use this site lol. Write a mytake.

    • good point I'm already HERE!!! LMAO

  • Apparently, @MimTcgraw and All, It Isn't that 'People' Are 'Scared,' It is That Something 'When I post a happy picture on Facebook' Gets to their Heart More So, Easier to Handle with a Simple Smile, than Something More... Serious that They don't Care to Comment on or even 'Like,' so they don't have to Get "Into it" with you.
    Good luck. xx

    • I do post a lot of very happy pics and posts... But I feel that no one even gives a chance to agree or disagree with my opinions at all. That's OK if they want to be sheep to the social norms and not question anything in their lives, I'm Ok with that... just a little confused by how many people don't choose to question their own reality. I'm guess I just have an abnormal interest in others philosophies

    • lol!!! You are better off doing it HERE,, dear.. many into "Debates" lolxxoo

  • most of the people just scroll through their news feed, give likes and don't read long paragraphs.

    • What about videos? Do you watch any of those?

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    • if it a lengthy video on a topic I have no interest in I wouldn't watch it

    • I have Instagram. I rarely post anything on there.

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