Spoby question help!! 😂😂 Can you answer the question underneath?

Who thinks they are going to get back together and do you think Toby will propose 😂😂

  • Spoby will get back together and it will all be okay 😂
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  • Spoby will NOT get together but Toby will not propose
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  • Spoby isn't getting together and Toby is Proposing 😭
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  • I haven't watched this season yet (and I kind of don't want to until I know Hanna and Caleb get back together like they should😡) so hopefully they do get back together.

    • Yes same but with spoby I HATE SPALEB 😩😩

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    • Yeah I agree! I just don't understand. Like was there any thought behind this? It makes no sense at all!

    • I know it's like do they want everyone to stop watching the show 😩

  • Wit I never seen this? What is it?