What is physical Attraction?

So, this semester, I met this guy in French. I think everything about him is sexy, but I know for sure that I dont like him. But I also do know that I feel at least some type of attraction towards him. He tickles me all the time, and it always makes me jump, flinch. But I like it when he does it. He tells me personal things, like things about his dick, and I like hearing about it. So could this be physical attraction? Today he asked why I always get so scared when he tickles me, and I told him its probably because he's a guy. But the truth is, I think, is because I am very attracted to him. The thing is, I want to know what this is. I know it isn't a crsuh, so could i be sexually attracted? Or physically atrrected to this guy? I want to know what these two exactly are though.


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  • sounds like lust.

    who knows, your physical attraction may turn over to emotional attraction if you spend more time with him.

    and he tells you about his dick, hmm.. lol.


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  • Attraction is a funny thing. You can be attracted to somebody while also not liking them as a person, or wanting to be with them romantically.

  • Physical attraction is somebody you find physically beautiful
    Sexual attraction is someone you find sexy/want to have sex with

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