Just For Fun - Which "Blurred Lines" parody do you like better?

Here's Weird Al's rendition entitled "Word Crimes"...

... and Bart Baker's parody...

I can definitely appreciate Baker's... but a LOT of people could learn something from Weird Al. This is hard!

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  • Weird Al is the king of parodies I would have to say. Though his video is more creative as well. Though what makes his video really hit home with me. Is due to the fact that I have a learning disorder. So Grammar is one thing I'm extremely bad at. Along with have issues understanding. So in away it reminded me of how much I need to start practicing getting better at it. Which my boyfriend has been helping me with. :)

    So my vote went to Weird Al.

    • I'm becoming more and more of a grammar fanatic lately. I'm surprised at how easy remembering "who vs. whom" is now :-P

    • I don't think I've ever had a problem with "who vs. whom." Though I do struggle with,"There, they're, there." Along with "too vs. to."Then when you should put a period, comma, etc.

      When I remember elementary school. None of the teachers explained any of it clear enough for me to understand. So I have no memory of ever learning about grammar correctly. Though at least I'm not that bad off.

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  • Weird Al. He is great at what he does

  • I prefer Weird Al's parody because it's creative and useful too.

  • I always liked Weird Al.

  • bart baker because i see kingsley and i love kingsley


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