What kind of battle mech do you use?

I enjoy using lasers to drain and sometimes flamers to overheat XD

If you still don't know what I'm talkin bout check it out.
Feel free to share codes here too :3

  • Eletrical Mechs
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  • Heat Mechs
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  • Physical Mechs
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  • Hybrid? (other)
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Hybrids are fun lol.


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  • American style mechs? Give me the Stalker from Battle tech. Japanese mecha? The Valkyrie from Macross.


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  • Timberwolfe

    • Does it overheat easily or run out of energy quickly? Or is it balanced?
      What type of damage does it do? Heat, energy or physical damage?
      I do mostly energy blasts.

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    • And yes heat management is a problem on clan mechs in general

    • @WeaponZero Thumbs up to you, not SexualChrist

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