Is it selfish to make a gofundme account for this reason?

I'm a college student and I work full-time and attend school full time (5 classes) this semester. I recently ran into some financial issues and my laptop for school just died on me. I have no laptop and no money to buy one. I just need $200 to purchase a HP stream notebook that's reliable from Amazon. I pay rent to live with my parents and make minimum wage. I'm in my last semester of college and I have an online course that requires a laptop. I feel kind of selfish because I know that there's kids in other countries who don't even eat everyday but money is my biggest issue and both parents are blue collar workers and can't afford it. I also just dropped $200+ on college textbooks last month.


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  • You vicious selfish person ! How dare you ! I'll have you know that I brought my PC myself with my own cash, I work full time (more than full time) . . . and I learn full time

    everyone in my house is a blue collar worker but you don't see me on go fund me

    I don't pay rent but I earn less then minimum wage (around half)

    Nah, it ain't selfish, the website is about giving. People are generous and all that. for all you know there could be people with thousands to their name. What's $200 to a high earner?


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  • It's not selfish; it's not like people have to contribute but if they do, that's great!