What's your favorite quote, this is mine I think it could teach certain people a thing or two?

"" I like flaws and am most comfortable around those who have them, I myself am made up entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions""

I just think it's nice and reminds you it's ok not to be perfect that we all do stupid things sometimes and if people are going to hold it against you their not worth your time.

What's yours


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  • Mine is
    "Villains of today are legends of tomorrow and Gods of future."
    Its the human history. I mean great nations always start as a rebellion and if they succeed they are heros for later and future thinks of them as immortal and start praying them.


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  • I love that one too 👌🏻 Defintely too many people walk around acting like they're perfect and never made a single mistake while passing judgement on you. This quote is more or less my face.

  • "I am a cinnamon roll, too pure and sweet for this world" I don't remember where I saw this but I thought it was hilarious

    Also this, "Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live."

  • "What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" ―Paarthurnax