Whats my purpose in life?

all my life i was not accepted by the kids at school so i spent most of my time by myself, i learned to be in my own world and observe other people and know exactly how they feel, i can tell whether people are lying, or anything like that, i feel in control of my what i do but not about my surroundings and i spend most of my day at the gym, and now im getting ready to join the army, i have only the expirence of survival im not normal at all, i have friends now but i still never had a girlfriend and im 17, i can't seem to portray my emotions, im always blank, and i pay attention to world events unlike everyone else i know, and i allways protect people no matter who, am i built for war?



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  • Let me ask you this, would you be willing to sacrifice your freedom and possibly even your life just to be part of the military? Would you absolutely never question whom or what you would or may actually be fighting and possibly and ultimately dying for? Or do you not care at all even if you were to be just someone that expendable and can be replaced at any time by someone else?

    Is that what you want your life to be absolutely about and what you really want to do?

    Is that what you absolutely want your life's purpose and meaning to be about?

    One where someone and something else decides absolutely what your purpose will be?

    What you have to do and follow without ever questioning orders by given to you by those that are higher rank than you such as officers?

    You must have a team oriented mindset and that the mission will always come first regardless of everything else when it comes to military life. There is are 1-man-armies and that everyone must work together as a unit and being able to trust and count on each other in order to survive, especially when deployed into a combat zone.

    If you had trouble fitting in at school, what makes you certain that you are absolutely going to fit in or be fit for military life?

    I sure hope you done your research and homework about what real actual military life is and not just take some military recruiter's advice since they are just trying to sell you something and because it's their duty that they have a quota to fill. Or I hope that you had not become blindly influenced by very violent video games and hollywood that had Overglorified wars, violence, weapons and killing over and over again.

    • im a good team mate trust me... and its not optional where im from

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    • im 5,7 164lbs 10% body fat so im working on cardio now but im good with the other stuff, and no i dont trust planes with my life i trust my own skills and my team

    • I think you have a misconception about planes and air force, because not everyone that enlists will be required to learn how to become a pilot. If I remembered correctly, the air force and navt branches are more specialized for technical training which would be more compatible when transitioning back to civilian life when your contract expires, but if you are someone that wants to be in the military as long as possible or for life then that is another story.

      Well if you are quite athletic and have the muscles then it's worth it, but be prepared for a really strict and inflexible and stressful lifestyle particularly once you get to basic training. Prepare to lose lots of sleep, and get yelled at frequently. If you have never been outside your comfort zone then you need to start getting completely out of it starting NOW.

      And ALWAYS be Punctual.

  • I would say you built for detective work

    • nice thanks for your time :)