My best friend likes a guy I used to like... should I be mad?

I'm upset bc my friend went to homecoming with the guy I've been crushing on for a year and a half, (which I got over) but now she's talking to this really hot freshman I also used to like for a long period of time. It's so frustrating to me because she's EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL AND DROP DEAD GORGEOUS while I look like a potato and it just sucks because I know that I'll never have a shot with either of them (or any guy of that matter). I know I sound extremely stupid and juvenile right now but it hurts, especially when you're an unattractive female who's hella insecure and has never had a boyfriend. I wasn't expecting her to say that at all because she's been having a thing with this other guy for a couple of months now and I feel just giving up!

Should I be this upset?


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  • Why would you even worry about that.. you just said a guy you used to like.. they are many other guys that would like you back just as much.. I would not get all huffy over a thing like that.. it in the long run just causes stress.. and none of us really need that


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