Why do we wait to pursue our dreams?

My passion, intuition, and talent tells me I need to go for my career. I would be myself if I had this job. Yet I have been waiting for so long to chase it. Months have turned into years.

I mean during these years, I have tried. But rejection after rejection after rejection I guess got to my subconscious mind. And I feel like I just have to try one. more. time.

But everyday I can submit an application. But I am so fearful. That I am not ready. That I can prepare better. That I am not good enough.

My question is why am I waiting? What is the psychology behind this? Why can't I just get my application together tomorrow and send it in? Why can't I physically do this? This waiting is torture.


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  • You are putting the blame on a nonexistent entity... the waiting. There is no such thing. There is only now... and also you. You need to calm your mind and slowly take hold of the fact that you are the only one to be blamed here... The future in your head is also nonexistent... and most of the time... our futures are not really what we thought of before. So I suggest you just do it now... the things you can do now.

    "The best time is now."

    Just get up and do it... even you don't "feel" ready... Just be prepared. Don't feelings take control of your life... except love.

    "It will only happen when you make it happen, period."

    Life is now. The past and future can be scientifcally ignored... and even neglected.

    I was waiting too before... as far as I can remember... thinking I'll be an researcher for a technological company in a foreign country. But it never happened. I changed how I think and live now and make the best of what I got. So for the past 3 years or more... I worked hard and I'm a businessman... I'm 23 but makes 75kusd monthly... well... still single... Pray to God and enjoy the little things.


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  • Insecurities eat people alive every single day. I am 29 years old and I still battle many insecurities; even with years under my belt of experience. My insecurities stem from being a single mother. Pursuing my dreams have been put on the back burner because I feel as though I would be taking away precious time from my children. My dreams are to become a well known author. But given the fact that writing a novel is rather time consuming, I have limited my writing to spend more quality time with my babies as the days, months, years pass me by. But its truly all insecurities.. I could by all means take up an extra hour spewing my thoughts and words onto that blank sheet of paper.. But my mind is telling me that I don't have time; though I do. Once we break down our insecure walls and boundaries that we have set for ourselves out of fear of failure we can do anything. The possibilities are truly endless. Providing we step outside of our comfort zones. Keep moving forward.


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  • Because it's more pleasurable (according to your brain) to procrastinate.

  • I don't know, the job and school system suck. It's like trying to carve a tunnel through granite. I keep applying to places, had a few interviews over the years, but it seems that I educated myself, worked, and had an internship for nothing


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