My roommates always on game in living room?

One of my friends asked me to move in to save us both money its a good idea for us as it is so I did and its been going good really easy hardly any issues till just a few days ago. My friend has a ps4 and normally we just watch tv or play games etc we enjoy all the same movies/TV shows so it is good but a few days ago they picked up a game they hadn't been playing much and found out some really cool stuff they could do in the game and wanted to try it out. Of course anyone would want to have a good binge or two on a good game and all every here and there but a good binge here and there has turned into an ongoing binge that doesn't seem to have an end. It's been nearly a week of this now and it starts half an hour to an hour after they wake up till night time sometimes around 2-3am and when he has the day off it's all day the odd break every so often is only maybe an hour if lucky sometimes more but not often. I get it I need to do other things as well but I do I work and go to the gym and go out when I can but there's times I want to come home and be able to watch TV and get some rest in. I've tried to talk to him about it today and he said it was his TV and I couldn't tell him what to do. Im not trying to tell him what yo do I'm just asking him to see how its effecting me I came into this being told I can use/share it with him and had it included in the price of rent and all. I have lost sleep from this because it's his room and till I can get my bed moved in I can't go to sleep till he does and I've told him I have to be up early for work and meetings. Don't get me wrong he can be the best of people to be with and around its part of why I agreed to this there's times he has listened to me and been thoughtful about it but not for this past while and I'm so stuck on words to talk to him about it I just can't have this on all day all night all the time. Help please.

Also I don't think this is unreasonable at all is it? I'm just asking him to share the space so I can live life and have time to do things when I need to I try not to always bring these things up as I don't want to complain to much and all.

Something else I notice is that he has been bringing up how it's his house and all he asked me to move in and I respect that its his before mine but still odd he says it?


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  • Well unfortunately it is his place, so there's not much you can do besides moving out. Maybe he will get tired of the game again soon and you will get some peace and quiet. I'm so glad I'm past the whole roommate thing..

    • Yes and I can respect that but he knew he would have to share living space when he asked and if I am paying half everything and all to live and sleep and all shouldn't that be taken into account regardless of it being his place? I mean I just gave him half for everything that gotta count for something? I don't wake him up or keep him up

    • Absolutely, but it is his place. I don't agree with him bringing it up though, I think that he should be more hospitable seeing as you're paying half. I just don't think there's much that you can do to change the situation. Perhaps threaten to move out and see if that helps.

    • I have and he says we have an agreetmeant so he's not worried he knows I wouldn't that seeing as it's a cheep deal and I'm saving so much he gets all day till I'm home to play and all I don't see how an hour would kill him to take from or maybe more its being respectful of your roomate simple and thanks I'll try it and see

  • What game it?😈... he'll get over it... only thing on which you can argue with him is that he being slob

    • Its called destiny and I guess

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  • It sounds like you may be being too nice, and people take advantage of that. He may be your friend, but you have to put your foot down. What he does with his time is none of your business until you're funding what he does with that time - then it's an issue. Tell him that if he won't be fair with the television and space then you will only pay for the items you use. You guys made an arrangement and you should not allow him to ignore it how he has been. You don't have to be mean or anything just yet, it's only been a week. But he needs to respect your wishes and your space if being roomies is going to work.

    • I know right? He works around 4pm or after usually and when he says try not to wake him up when I wake up at 9-10am I try hard to not do that so why is me asking for basic respect any different? And your right i shouldn't pay extra unless he is being fiir about it and all but I also pay for the living space and to live there I should be able to sit in the living room and not watch 10 hrs of a game and not sleep well cuz of it I get either just 8 hrs (barely) of sleep or at time 5-6 hrs or less and I can't handle that little of sleep

    • Exactly, you being respectful of his wishes is this decent thing to do, and you're absolutely right, you deserve the same courtesy. Like I said, you don't have to jump down his throat too early, since its only been a week, and I understand the frustration. However, you have every right to at least address things and give him a chance to shape up, otherwise there will be changes on your end. It's really hard to find a good roomie, I've heard of best friends getting torn apart bc actually living together is far different than expected. I hope the outcome isn't the same for you and him, but if anything, this will be a learning experience.

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