If you are an anarchist. what kind of anarchists are you?

if you are an anarchist. what kind of anarchists are you?I'm an anarcho- capitalist

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if you want to learn more about anarchy, please check out anarchy ball on facebook or any other site you can find them on.


and please if you are not an anarchist or not thinking about becoming an anarchist. please don't answer the question or comment. thank you.


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  • Primitivism would probably be the closest. Basically I believe in very decentralized government, or no government at all. But I think there would still be cooperation, which is not the same as government as long as it's strictly voluntary.

    I also believe in primitivism to an extent, but not to an extreme. More along the lines of self sufficiency, but still civil and cooperative. Technology is OK, as long as it can be maintained locally with whatever resources are available. So not only decentralized government, but decentralized technology as well. Also, there would be a lot of barter with very little need of currency.

    There are actually places that come close to that, I've lived there before. Even here in the US, many people would be surprised by just how self sufficient and independent some places are.


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  • I don't know if I'm an anarchist per se. Everyone else can go ahead and live under the supervision of a government that only has power because we allow it to. I just choose to live wherever the fuck I feel like, and I don't feel obligated to subscribe to anything. I'm just living my life, all this shit going on around me, I don't know if it's bullshit, but it's bullshit to me. I'm glad it's going because it makes my life more comfortable, and I reap some benefit from that, but that doesn't mean I'm signing up to follow anybody's laws. I'll pay my share of taxes wherever I am, I consider that a cost of doing business, and obviously if take anything from this society I do owe it SOMETHING. But as a free-willed human being, I reserve the right to pick and choose what I do or don't co-sign to in my life. I'll pitch in monetarily, but I expect the worst from people, so I don't expect any kind of protection from any threats, foreign or domestic. Whether it's ISIS or just a crazy ex-gf coming after me, I, and I alone, am responsible for my safety. If I make it out alive I make it out alive, and if not, then fuck it. But as far as laws, the only laws I believe in are the laws of science. I can do literally anything I'm physically and scientifically capable of. Luckily I'm not a dick and I'm not out to harm or inconvenience anyone else, and I realize that laws and all that are designed to control those who are, but that's not my problem. I don't want the help or the harassment from any government entity. Making sure I survive into the next day is literally my only obligation, and I'll defend myself against all threats or die trying, and I'm totally fine with that. People try to act like I need to be part of society to live amongst it, and that's simply not true, that's just what they try to strong arm you into believing. I'm here, and I ain't going anywhere, so love that or kick rocks.

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  • i don't belong to no one.

  • There's no such thing as anarchist, you can't be a commie anarchist that makes as much sense as a blues/jazz LP. You're either for redistribution of wealth or your pro anarchy, which is not possible because at the end of the day everyone at least needs a judicial system to maintain order to some extent -

    Everyone in western society just ignores the rules that they don't want to follow anyways, what difference does it make having an infrastructure?

  • i'm not an anarchist its a bullshit theory. i believe in pax christiana as it was realised in the byzantine empire.

    • You're kidding?

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    • What about the social contract?

    • @ColinHarvey well jan jacques envisioned it in a sense that gives a lot of freedom to the individual but i still find it a bit utopian.

  • There is only one kind of anarchist and that is the idiot.

    • no actually there are many forms of anarchy. granted quite a few of them don't make any sense or don't work. like the an- cap and agorism are kinda the same but different. they both believe in free market trade but agorist are counter economists they will buy there stuff from the black market just to screw over the government where as an-caps will buy all there stuff from regular capitalist free market. like the ones you see out side like fruit stands. they don't believe in large corporate businesses. they want small businesses and small government.

      now what you're probably thinking of is an an-com there the violent shit heads of the anarchist community they hate capitalism, and want to smash the state. now just put communism in with anarchy. you get an an-com, AKA useful idiot. one of the leninists keys in setting up a communist society. the an-fems are also in this category of (useful idiots). the fact being that both an-coms and an-fems are both easily oppressed.

    • If I was an anarchist I would be an com because if you have money, you don't have anarchy as the rich make the unwritten laws.

    • alright then

  • Aaaand how do we know that?

    I would assume I would end up anarcho-capitalist but I have no idea what these mean or how to figure out where I am.

  • I dunno if I'm an anarchist... but I support legalization of drugs guns and prostitution...

    • alright well do you hate the government?

    • I don't give a shit about 'em... I'd not say hate but I don't give a shit... I don't bother...

    • then you're an AGORIST.

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