Why Do Women Refer To Men who Take Care Of A Single Mom's Child As A "Good Guy"?

This is a strange question... but in the news, recently, you may have heard about a football player who is in a relationship with a singer. The singer is a single mom, and the baby daddy is actually a rapper -_-.

Anyway... this football player has been showing a lot of love and affection to not only the singer... but her child as well... and the rapper (who is the daddy to the child) isn't going for it.

Anyway... I have been reading a lot of comments on the issue... and people are calling the football a "good guy" for being in the kids life as a good role model, a "good guy" for taking on the responsibility as another father to the kid, a "good guy" for showing love for the kid, even though it isn't his.

Is this really what "good guys" get? So, as good guys... when a woman makes a stupid mistake and dates a loser and the loser ends up leaving him... the "good guy" is only a good guy if he takes care of her kids... kids that aren't even his?

So... this guy (the nerd):


Must be a bad guy for not taking her and her kids?


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  • Maybe because it's "good" for that single mom. Because he's viewed as being generous and understanding or open-minded enough about taking care of someone else's kid as if that kid was his own.

  • What makes you think that is the only way to be a good guy?