When we will have 20th century again (especially second half)?

I hate 21st century... It's shitty and I don't like how world became... fuckin' social media and phones became essential now...

Will we ever have decades like 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s again? And please no smartass answers of da type "We will have in 2050s,2060s, etc"...


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  • Sorry to tell you, but that's not gonna happen. Unless the whole world decides to live without technology of course. And the inventors decide to stop... Inventing lol

    • How we could get back old technology though?

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    • Many people hate 21st century trust me...

    • yeah, but not enough people :/
      tell kids to stop watching tv or chatting lol

      thanks :)

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  • In all fairness, you werent there from the 50s to the 80s, and only spent a few years in the 90s.

    Things always look better when looking back. Its easy to forget the strife of those days


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  • If you're 18-24, then you have no real idea what it was like back then. You're going off what people tell you. For a lot of people, that time period was awful and I don't think phones and social media are a big enough issue to warrant going back to that kind of society.

    • Only dat? When people answer a question they use fuckin' GIFs... music gets shittier and shittier and video-clips as well... not to mention ya can be found more easily nowdays...

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    • Oh yeah... I listen to 80s stuff mostly... but back then when ya went to a club they'd play those shit non-stop... now they play other stuff...

    • Most clubs have specific themed nights so I recommend looking for a club with an 80's themed event going on.

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    • Characteristic 21st century guy... no answer? Just a fuckin' video?

    • If the video wasn't obvious. My answer: it's fucking annoying when people do the whole "Oh this generation is terrible, I wish it was this again, blah blah" like dude if you want to live like it's the 80s, nobody's stopping you. Aren't you a special fucking snowflake?

    • How'd ya know ma favorite decade among all are 80s?

      Anyway... yeah they were great times... people knew how to use technology back then... unlike now...

      And yes I'm pretty much an 80s person... I still listen to 80s music and play 80s games... but still I know it's 2016 unfortunately...

  • So we can have the 1950s, with whitewashing everything, witchhunts (for commies), rampant wasteful consumerism and living under the threat of nuclear annihilation?

    The 1960s, with social upheaval and riots?

    The 1970s, with unprecedented urban decay and crime, and the worst fashion the world had ever seen?

    The 1980s, with more drugs, consumerism, and nuclear destruction looming again?

    Or maybe you want some 90s, with high waistbands and lots of denim?

    I liked the 90s but I don't know if I'd want to go back...

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