Can you beat my score on this educational game?
My score standing is 12986. Beat it and i will grant you one wish.

GeoGuessr is a game that uses Google Maps: Street View as it's platform. It drops the user on a street somewhere in the world, the user must walk around, looking for clues (signs, landmarks, nature) to where they have been dropped. A map on the side of the screen lets you pick where you think you are and shows you how far away from your destination you really are.

You are allowed to use google search once.

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  • I got 4994, and I was 1.8km (1.1 miles) from where I "landed". I was set on Portugal. I knew where I was instantly, it was either Spain or Portugal, cause it all looked so familiar xD

    How close were you when you got that score? I thought I was pretty close, but I didn't even get half of what you got.

    • Hmm lets see i think the first was in the ukraine but its been like a day, my mind doesn't remember stuff lol

    • I just realized there's rounds and it adds up your score. My total score after the 5 rounds is: 19440
      I got: 1) Portugal. 2) Somewhere in Russia. 3) Somewhere in S. Africa (I clicked in Zambia, so I wasn't that far away xD). 4) Spain (knew it from the beginning again, cause it's all familiar xD). 5) Estonia (I had to use Google for this one, I didn't know where the town was situated, I knew Europe, but not where).

    • Thanks for the MHO

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