Best way to make girls and guys feel comfortable?

So i dont know where to ask this and i most likely log into this site anyway so lets get to the point, I need to train group of National Gendarmerie Intervention Group Recruits by doing the "Fire of trust" In which i need to wear a big armor and lets the recruits shoot me with magnum round so i know this gonna be stressful for them but not for me so how can i make them feel confortable? Also the recruits are both guys and girls!
P. S. They want me to do it coz of my recklessness XD


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  • Why are there women in an elite anti-terrorist group. They shouldn't be there if they find it too stressful to do. (You might want to wear two bulletproof vests just in case)

    If you're really GIGN, may I recommend that you make "The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements" by Eric Hoffer mandatory reading for anti-terror groups.

    • Its very nice but i dont really get it but yeah it gonna be a trauma plate 3 of them and a helmet but i just think they gonna be like "Oh god i dont want to do this what if i shot him in the neck or face? Omg"

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    • Tom Clancy is the sh*t.

    • XD IKR

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