I am sad and I feel like a loser.. pl help how to face it?

I wrote GMAT twice and didn't get a good score.. want to switch jobs and not getting any good results either. I don't have a boyfriend in reality ( but only an internet bf) and i am not even getting good matches for marriage. I am 27 and I am pissed at this stagnant position where I am currently.. what's wrong with me.. why I am failing continuously :(


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  • When life throws you hurdles, walk around them.

    If you can't get past the GMAT, here's a little secret... Most business schools have a back door entry to their MBA programs. They keep this up their sleeves for when they encounter candidates that they just must enroll. Usually, this back door will be a post grad diploma in management or some related stream. If you enroll in that, and get a decent gpa, then you can just sideways transfer into the proper MBA without having done the GMAT at all.

    Good luck.

    • oh.. can you please name a few? i do have a good cgpa and i am from India.

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    • np.. thanks for your guidance :) i l try to search

    • Good luck.

      And don't forget, a good career story is just as important as good marks.

  • Dont lose hope... just find something new hobby...

    • yeah.. thanks.. I do need to find something :)

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    • I can understand.. our aim and the pressure in India.. it's jus not about MBA for me but MBA from a very recognized univ or else nothing.. I have a good paying job so now it's all about aspirations and to prove myself and be the leader and I am not able to take this failure anymore

    • I get it... In India Marks are more important than religion... lol

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