A question for lawyers and bankers?

Let's say there's a woman who has a couple unpaid debts to a store, and the store's law firm occasionally bothers her with a phone call. This woman's 15-years-old daughter wants to open her own bank account (she's able to do so with parental consent) and get a debit card for online shopping. Can the store's law firm steal money from the daughter's account to pay off debts of the mother?


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  • Most definitely not. The debts belong to the mother solely. They can take the mother to court or send bailiffs to the house eventually but again only take mothers things to clear the debt x

  • IANAL but this question depends on the banking laws of your country, because it comes down to the bank seizure rules and rules as to who owns the money in the account (is it the minor child's or the parent's). It also depends on if the account is a joint account with the parent or if the child is the only one with access to the account.

    Most countries though will require a court judgment before bank accounts can be raided. Also even with a judgment it will be difficult for an organization to find a child's account if the account both doesn't have the parent's name as one who can access it, and the account is not at the same bank the parent uses.

  • No they can't, the daughters money and hers are totally separate.


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