Should I go to a party on St Patrick's Day?

I'm thinking since I will have a test on March 14 and an assignment and presentation on March 17th I might as well go out afterwards.
My only problem is I do not drink (personal preferance nothing to do with religion or the legal age) and I feel that it will make the party less enjoyable.
I've been to parties before without drinking and I felt really uncomfortable.

Sadly, I've noticed that the best people to hang out with who are outgoing and have great personalities are usually at these parties so it would be to my benefit to expand my social network and perhaps get a girlfriend.

I'm trying to restructure my life by being around only the people that make me happy and removing people from my life that are shy, boring and look up to me like I'm some sort of macho guy.

So what should I do?


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  • Everyone will be shitfaced, you'll be sober. This is a nobrainer.

  • Of course HAVE FUN damn don't be technology addict. GO OUT HAVE FUN!!! Drink beer damn we're people ! enjoy!

    • I don't like alcohol that's the problem

    • then drink whiskey or anything you like, damn enjoy life.

    • Why do I have to drink?