So what's your favorite sporting moment you've either witnessed live or televised?

Anyone? lol


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  • A couple. Wayyyyyyyyy before your time I was just 10ish & my dad took me to a ballgame. Yankess @ W Sox. Bottom of the 9th of the 2nd game Sox were losing 5-3 Dick Allen (WHO?) came out to pinch hit. A massive 3 run HR deep into the upper deck. SOX WIN!
    More recently the 2013 Stanley Cup finals. The Hawks were down by 1. They scored 2 goals about 8 seconds apart in the finial minute to win the Cup.


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  • Did you see the 2015 MLG finals where Nairo defeated the Smash Bros 4 world champion Zero? Nairo came from the loser's bracket so he had to win two sets in order to win the championship. Amazing moment in smash bros history.

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