Girls, Not a tough guy here, but it did feel good to do what I did?

One night about 7 years ago me and my sister were walking across a cross walk when this blue colored suv ran a red light and ran into my sister throwing her about 15 feet over to a side walk, I then ran to my sister.. she was not killed.. but in very much pain.. then he or she then just continued on driving as if nothing had happened, but then crashed the wheels into a lamp post abot 40 yards further down the road, I then ran to the truck and I could see him in the suv and still moving.. so I walked over to him and grabbed hold of him and pulled him out of the wreck.. he reeked of booze and could not even stand with out wobbling.

So I proceded to puch him in the head a few times while yelling did you not see us in the crosswalk you jerk.. he was a teenager of about 16 maybe 17.. I did not like myself for doing what I did.. but my grandmother was killed by a drunk driver 14 years before and I was just incensed.. this idiot was behind the wheel after drinking that much... I waited for the cops to get there and was prepared to tell them what I had done to him.. but only if he brought it up.. he did not because he was so drunk he did not even remember.. so I said nothing.. my sister was in the hospital for three weeks and then was released and this story had a happy ending.. but I do not know why the message does not get out to some of these stupid people.. do not drink and drive

This is why I do not ever ask many questions on this site.. always negative feed back from guys


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  • Why are you talking about an incident from 7 years ago?

    • Probably because I wanted to.. did not think it was a crime to do that

    • How is it relevant to anything now?

    • It is not relevant to anything right now.. just was thinking about it after I saw a news report about an hour ago where the guys sister was killed in nearly the same situation.. he too ran a red light and plowed into the guys sister.. so I just typed it out

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  • So, you left your sister alone lying on the sidewalk in pain to go deliver a beatdown? Personally, I'd have stayed right by her side.

    • she was in pain but still talking.. she was the one that said go find that driver so I did

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