I heard 30 isn’t a big number to some people?

I am turning 30 and some people are telling me that I don't really need a big party and that its not very important to have a big party for my 30th. I have never really had big parties so I just want to try it out, it might be fun. I mean it doesn't have to be too big of a party, just enough to where we are having a good time. I want to try stuff on pintrast because there are some good ideas for parties and if I just make it nice for my family and no friends show up, maybe I can do that on the side for some extra money if I am good at party plaining or putting a concept together without breaking the bank. Anyway I just wanted to know what you all though.


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  • If its important to you, then throw a big party.


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  • It's your birthday. Do what you want.