How can I find the right talent?

I have been searching for the right talent forever. I am now 14 and my sister who is 16 is always being told "You have such a talent." or "You can use this in life." I have never been told that. Whenever I do something my sister does it and she gets better and gets all the attention. I have tried drawing, singing, photography, painting and the list goes on. I need help to figure out how can I find my talent. Right now I am trying writing. It is going well but my sister is determined to beat me. I can tell because she started to try writing after I said I was going to try it. She was all like "I can be better than you." So I took it too Wattpad. It's going ok. The reason I want a talent is because I want to show something of myself. The reason I want a different talent than any one in my family is because I want my specialty. There are 2 people in this world. Those like actors they want money. And people like Steve Jobs. He didn't want money he wanted to be known for something. I want to be like him. Be known for something I did.


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  • As trite as the expression is, "do what you love".
    Don't worry so much about the external results or how much admiration or attention you get from other people, instead find something that you truly love doing and would do for free, without fame or recognition, but just because it makes you happy.
    You don't have to be good at it, though it certainly would help if you're not fighting an uphill battle, but be willing to put in years of disciplined practice and effort before becoming great at it.

    If you're not sure what you like doing yet, then just try lots of things. Eventually you'll find something that you want to do all the time, you'll wake up and want to do it, you'll fall asleep with ideas about it going through your head.

    Don't worry about your sister, either.

  • Discover your talent from the positive thing you enjoy doing. For example if you enjoy singing you can discover your potential from there.