Is anyone else afraid of gore?

I've seen so many isis videos.
Videos of people's... Brain out on the floor like oh my god...

I didn't see any of this until 2015.
I had no idea people where this cruel
I'm so afraid of death, Gore, blood all of that Is just disgusting, and creepy, and messed up.

I saw a trap video of a motorcycle race the it said "2 hours later"
It showed a picture of a ladies leg hanging off her thigh you could see the blood the flesh all of that...

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  • Stop going on sites like liveleak or anything else that shows gore, you can easily go around on the internet without seeing gore. Before I started going on 4chan, r/watchpeopledie and liveleak I barely saw anything.

    • Its on kik now basically everywhere
      I've been to liveleak and blocked the website

  • I hate it but I'm not afraid.

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