Continuation to my best friend made love to me 2 weeks ago Lola Part 2? Read to the end? What should I do about the situation?

I was baffled so i didn't say anything so he just left the room and when i finally came out of my room he was sitting on one of my dining table chairs and he had his hands on his head i think he thinking " why did I do that" and i said hey and he looked up and i walked to him and he was trying to explain himself to me so i just told him to please be quiet and let me speak. He was quiet so I went to sit on his lap facing him with my legs facing his waist and his hips by the way my legs and I told him thank you for telling me how he feels and for the way he told me and I told him that I have to be honest because I have been in love with you for a long time but i didn't think he thought of me in that way and i am flattered he feels that way about me and i told him that i wanted a kiss on the lips and he smilled and kissed me. I literally felt butterflies in my stomach and he kept on kissing me and then my neck and chest and hands and fingers and it just felt too good to say anything. So as he continued I felt something underneath me you people probably know wjat ia m talking about lol and he carried me to my bed where he layed me down and asked me am i sure we should do this that he will stop if i want him to so i said don't stop i want you to do what ever you want ( just don'r go too crazy to the point where i can get severly hurt). All I can say is that it was more than amazing. The next morning we woke up and it wasn't awkward at all every thing is the same as it was before except we didn't a coiple more times in the last two weeks and we hold hands now and we still go out somethimes and he still sleeps over some nights. We communicate well but even though he said all those to me that night i feel like i'm always going to have him as my bestfrind but I also keep on thinking that i might break it off because i am still in awe of how he feels about me because even though he is a beautiful person in and out and I am to I wonder how someone as wonderful as him

the first part is titled best friend and i made love 2 weeks ago
in case anyone only read the first part


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  • If you really like him then i dont see why it couldnt work out. It seems like a very good relationship and you seem happy. Just see where it goes and just enjoy being with him. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong so dont cut yourself short just bc you are imagining that its too good to be true. It is true and its probably the best thing that ever happened to you.

  • Sooo, got a question? Or just filled with rainbows? Hehheh


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