Tips For Moving Away From Home For The First Time?

I'm 21, done university and in the process of moving away from home for athletics and career. I'm a pretty independent person and i'm very excited to be moving out but at the same time i'm also scared. I have a good job and will be staying with family for a couple of months while I hunt for a condo but any advice on adjusting to life away from my immediate family would be greatly appreciated!

An important aside is that I'm very familiar with where I'm moving. It's in the same province as where I live now and I've competed/vacationed/spent a lot of time down there over the last few years and people from my home town are down there all the time, which is nice because I don't make friends easily, plus I'm moving down there for sports so I know people in the club :) it's the moving away bit that scares me the most


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  • Try to act as you are a tourist at first I mean before you go make a list of the good places and new foods that this place is famous for and make sure to visit it , that will makes you like the new place and will make it easy for you.
    Also, if you have some hobbies or things that you used to do home then try to arrange how you can make it in this new place too and maybe you can locate a restaurant that makes your home country food as this will be a great help for you at some point. And try not to spend so much time talking to your family or old friends online and use this time to explore the new place more.


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  • It's okay Tammy, it will all work out. Your baby sister supports you!

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