If you had one last person to say goodbye to who would it be and why?

If you had one last person to say goodbye to who would it be and why?


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  • Request accepted.

    I didn't understand your question quite fairly.
    1. Am I changing my roads?
    2. Am I choosing someone else?
    3. Am I going to live alone forever?
    4. Am I going to die?

    1. If I'm changing my career, my location or anything equivalent, I already bid my farewell to my best friend who is also my childhood friend of 14+ years. We shared awesome moments. All of my friends know all of the dirty things I did, but it was only him who was involved in those with me. But destiny had different ambitions.

    2. My ex. I took 6 months to approach her. She was out of my league. I never had sex with her, because I was waiting till marriage, but she passed away. I just... wish I'd see her one last time. I wish I'd bid her farewell. Dunno how I'll find another her.

    3. If I'm going to live alone forever (hypothetically) I'd choose my mom (over my dad). I always respected my dad, but it is my mom who I loved more. She stayed in an abusive relationship for me. She was suicidal, but she survived for me. My dad gave me everything and made me the man I am today, but without my mom, it was impossible. I'd not be here answering this question without her.

    4. If I'm going to die, I'll say goodbye to my shadow. She was always there with me. She followed and copied my moves, to provide me strength. When I thought I am alone, she was there. When I was happy and jumped in happiness, she did that too. When I was sad and fell on ground, she did that too. It is so-so bad that I'd never she her again. She was really a god. A part of me.

    "Never say goodbye" :)

    • Omg!!! I totally love all your answer. Sorry to hear about your ex honestly. Is this why you have that username? Your mom is a survivor if I was to tell you my moms life story and my childhood you would die. But life goes on and all that does is make you a stronger person. :-)

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • You Welcome

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  • My guy, he's my total world, (love him so much I married him)!

    Your question reminded me of the stories of all those people on the planes and in the World Trade Center on 9/11, how many of them were able to call their wives and husbands. I cry when I think of them, it's sad but it's also a beautiful picture of love to the end. (I am sniffly right now thinking about it and am getting a "why are you crying" look from him. I'll have to explain.) I guess I feel that pain even more now that we are married, I understand the pain of their last goodbyes before death separated them, now more than ever.


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