Camera uses AA batteries lasting approximately 300 shots?

There are some cameras by Nikon and Fujifilm that seem great for me but they use four AA batteries which last for approximately 300 shots/pictures. Does that mean I have to throw away and change four batteries approximately every 300 shots I take? That's a crazy amount amount of batteries.

My other camera uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery which I've been using since 2010 and it works like it's new.


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  • If these are DSLR camera's they have there own battery that all you have to do is pop them on charge with the charge adapter that was provided.

    For ither cameras that don't come with there own batteries, I recommend buying the best money can buy, like energisers. They have a product where you can recharge there batteries (do take note that on the package) it comes with the wall adapter and 4 batteries, I think they cost $40.00? So every time it runs out, just pop it on charge again and so forth and so forth


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  • Have you actually bought the camera yet because if you have not I can make some suggestions?

    • Not purchased but here is a camera example

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    • Another brand you could at is Olympus as they are a good camera brand to. Before my Panasonic camera I owned an Olympus flim camera for 5 years and in that 5 years it also gave no hint of problems and took great photos.

    • Thank you for MHA.

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