Girls, why do you freak out if a guy accidentally walks in on you in your underwear, but you're fine with rocking very revealing swimsuits in public?

Not sounding harsh or anything, just curious.


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  • Underwear = private and often made with delicate gossamer fabrics

    Bikini/Swimsuit/Bathing Suit = made for public with different materials to withstand water/heat/suntan lotion, etc regardless of how revealing they are.

    The fact that a girl is in her underwear and somebody "accidentally" walks in is an invasion of her privacy. She is wearing garments that are to be seen in private only.

    Looking at a girl in a bikini/swimsuit in public is different because it's a garment made to be seen in public.

    The purpose of the two types of garments are different.

    Make more sense now?

  • Maybe because there's a difference between being caught off guard by some random guy when you're in your underwear, and choosing to walk around in a bikini at the beach. It's the surprise + the fact that you get to choose when you're seen. When someone random just walks in on you, that choice is removed, thus it feels more uncomfortable or even violating.

  • This puzzles me too, apparently showing a bra strap is cheap but walking around in things smaller than underwear on sand isn't...