Guy friend doesn't hide elevator eyes with me?

My guy friend gives me elevator eyes sometimes. What I dont get is how he makes it obvious instead of hiding it. The other day we were talking and he looked down to my crotch and stared for a few seconds then looked back up to my face. I almost said did u like what you see? lol but I didn't. I mean can guys help it or does he really want me to know that he is into me.


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  • Of course we can control it. It's just that sometimes the woman before us is waaay to sexy for us to care. :D


What Girls Said 1

  • He's really really into you! But man doesn't that make you uncomfortable?

    • It kind of does because I dont think of him that way.

    • i see! yeah i get what you mean. But some guys can control it but there not very good at hiding it!