I'm 15 (male). Can I be 6'2?


I'm 15 and 5'9.5 (1,76) right now my weight is 135 lbs. My goal is to be 6'2 don't ask me why ;)

My dad is 6ft, my mum is 5'2 and my 19 year old brother is 6'3. My brother told me that he was 5'9 (1,75) at 15.
I play football twice a week and every night I do yoga so that I increase my height as much as possible.
I'm eating a lot of veg and drinks at least 3 glasses of milk to each meal.

How big are my chances to be 6'2? How tall do you think I'm going to be? And, how tall were you at 15? :)


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  • There's a good chance for you to reach 6'2". 🙆
    I was 5'5" when I was 15, now I'm 5'6". 😂
    Such a big change, ikr. :")
    Some people still believe that I will reach 5'10", but that's impossible. 😂

    • Ikr, by the way the height in Sweden where I live are pretty damn fucked up! You see 6'7 walking down the street every other week, 50% of my friends at my age has already crossed 6'1.
      I want to move to the US so bad so that I can feel tall for once :)

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    • And I have thought about going to college in Sweden, I guess I will need them heels 24/7 just to pass as average. 😂

    • Well, do it ;)

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  • I was about 6' when I was 15. I'm 6'2" now.


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  • Well, you've definitely got an okay chance, all the males in your immediate family are at least average height and you're already there, so it's totally possible. When I was 15, I was probably 5'1 or 5'2 (and still am 5'2 now :P ).

  • You could reach 6'2! Some of the men in my family stopped growing at 18, so you may have a while! All of us grew late:)
    15: I was 5"2 and at 16 I was around the same height!
    18: now I'm 5"5, still small but over average!
    But my mum is under 5ft and my dad is 5'10!


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  • That's not something you have a say on... That's like saying "My goal is for the US to win the World Cup."

    Genetics will determine how tall you'll be. You can be in as awesome shape as you like, but that isn't going to make you taller.