Formal dance in highschool on a Saturday or... Go out with my dad at a concert at a restaurant who is inviting me for the first time all of a sudden?


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  • Schools have so many dances around the year, it's up to you but I think you should go with your dad.

    • It's difficult... He put me in so many tough situations I can't even call him "dad' it hurts talking to him or seeing him. I just don't wanna be rude.

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    • Did you ever think that he knows he hasn't been the best father to you and he's trying to make it up to you? You might not overthink it now, but it will mean a lot to the both of you if you go.

      Seriously it's only 10 bucks... who did you promise first?

    • a friend? She got so happy is planning to go with me. But... Why is he trying?

  • yes.


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