What do you think of this video I found on a YT channel for kids?

This video is titled "HITLER PLAY SOCCER Finger Family" and I have just noticed that my little brother has been watching some of these videos ahahahaha.

I am laughing so hard! The animation is so crap and Brother Hitler is a scene kid with dyed hair, Baby Hitler is a ginge.

  • Kids actually watch this? I don't believe this for a second.
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  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaaahhahahaahhahadhkaafygndlvsfibumsolb
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  • FUHRER FINGER, FUHRER FINGER, WHERE ARE YOU? (credit to a YT commenter)
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  • I have a serious opinion on this.
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I am still laughing hahaha, this video is so messed up


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  • Baby Hitler playing soccer. Thank you internet now I've seen it all.


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