What's your favorite mythological creature?

What's your favorite mythological creature?


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  • I kinda like 'em all, as a collective. I just... like mythology, and interactive fantasy books, and all that. (If they still had Fighting Fantasy books when you were a kid... I was totally bout that life)

    In general, you can't go wrong, as far as I'm concerned, with anything that's black (or close)-colored, has wings, and has glowing red eyes. LOL

    What fascinates me even more than the myths, though, is learning about mythological creatures that were actually based on REAL dinosaur bones, and stuff. (This is why dragons kinda always look the same, around the world, even in cultures that have never had contact with each other -- and why dragons look, well, a lot like dinosaurs.)

    That mermaid girl with the green hair (7th picture) looks A LOT like me in the face. Like, she looks so much like me that it's kinda scary. I was like wut? Did I get some custom art done, that I just can't remember at all right now? haha...

    • Well then I guess you're mysterious and beautiful then Audrey <3

      Maybe you should dye your hair green, as for the tail, well did you ever get body-painting work done?

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    • Tx for MHLuv <3

    • Thnx for the input luv :)

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