I do not like small towns, but still want to have horses after college. What is the best place to have horses without living in a small town?

I'm living in a small town. Here are the reasons why I hate small towns. There are no high paying jobs and can be a long commute to the city where the high paying jobs are at. Also there is nothing to do in town. You can't have a horse in a city.


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  • There are stables to keep horses all over the place. They are not in any way restricted to small towns. You might not find them in the inner city, but there are plenty in the suburbs and surrounding areas.

    If you want horses on your own property, anyplace where you can buy (and afford) a property large enough to keep horses should be OK. Again, most suburbs should be OK for this, except for maybe a few very restrictive places.

    Keep in mind that they require a lot of your time. If you stable them someplace you will need to go there regularly.

    • Looking to live in a high end suburb when I have the money. That might be the best option. I raised with horses all of my life.

    • You shouldn't have any problems finding a place unless they have very restrictive zoning laws. There are several places within five miles of where I live. Some are quite large with several hundred acres. I've lived and traveled all over the country and I don't think I've ever seen a suburb that didn't have places to stable and run horses.

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  • how small are we talking? also, where and you know that cities are more than a giant downtown, right? my 2 older sisters live in houston right by pearland and you wouldn't think they lived in houston.