Best place to live in the USA and WHY?


Near a sea
Good job prospects (relatively)
Variety of backgrounds
Relatively low cost of living etc

I was looking at miami
New orleons
Carolina etc


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  • Bruh, those places are expensive!!! 😂

    • I would say Houston because of basically everything you mentioned and it's cheaper lol

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    • Im being pretty biased cuz I was born and raised in Houston. Oh yesss lots of diversity!! My surban neighborhood that I live in is Latino, Black, and Asian mainly. The neighborhood is also next to a Muslim community, and everyone is nice to each other. There's a lot of immigrants. My dad is a Nigerian immigrant. Just the other day, I met a lady on the bus from Turkey. And I'm looking for a Turkish community for her, so they can help her better with her citizenship issues since lawyer sucks. There's all types of restaurants you can find in this big city. Greek, Salvadorian, South African, Jamaican, French, Japanese, Hawaiian. The only thing I haven't seen is a Native American restaurant. Houstonians are working people, we love to save money, and we like to eat surrounded by great company.

    • I love Houston :)

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  • New Orleans is quite boring though , how about Frisco? You won't like the cost though


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  • California, L. A. or San Diego. I used to live in Miami before I moved and that place is tucking terrible unless you're a Spanish speaker

  • California- LA from my brothers experience ,, for entertainment & safe state but avoid the down town It's dangerous


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  • Your better prospect areas won't be warm,
    Seattle for example

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