Do guys like agressive girls regarding dating and showing interest?

Do guys like agressive girls regarding dating and showing interest? Im currently talking to a guy and besides the fact that he messaged me first i feel like im being the agressive one. I get good feedback and i get the impression that he is very interested (always give very detalied answers, positive responses to flirting, answers way faster than i do etc).

Obviously this is working on him, but in general are guys fine with being the less aggresive one? If things go well and we end up really liking eacother i feel like the first interactions kinda sets the moode for the rest of our relastionship, aka i'll be the more dominated one.


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  • Yes, that's a very date able and attractive quality

    • im glad to hear that! im actually not a very dominat person, it really do depend on the guy to be honest. by the way any avice regarding flirting? the only compliment i have given him so far is "you look like you know what you're doing", i was refering to working out,

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    • I mean online, we are currently Just talking online , he is not in town, and we won't be able to meet before Monday

    • Oh I have no idea, I don't do online dating

  • Yes! I love and prefer aggressive women

    • good to know! by the way any advice on things to talk about to make the coversation going? we both are very into working out, but i feel like talking about that isn't really getting us anywhere. He is away on a trip and won't be home before Sunday, so anything i can say or bring up to make things more interesting? i feel like at a point where i dont really know what to ask him

  • Some guys just love wildcats. I would go for a girl who hits me with a kendo stick whenever my eyes 'wander'.
    Although the guy will always be the dominant one, provides that he's not sissy.


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