I told told off at work?

So this is my first full time job, I work in finance. I have been there 3 weeks and today my boss called me in to ask me if I was actually iterested in the job, turns out i come off as uninterested in the work. I also was told I came off as rude to a collegue and also made a joke that slightly a offended two of my collegues. They aren't gonna fire me they just wondered why this was so and if everything was okay. The trouble is I am depressed and have been for some time. They want me to be the person I was in the interview, happy go lucky and full of laughs but that has been a one off as of late. Bascily the only choice I have is to try to get them to like me and not think I'm some kind of asshole but its difficult as I have been trying my best to get along with them. I feel like my best isn't good enough and that they wil fire me later on.

What do you think?


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  • We all have to pretend.
    I have a lot of trouble going on with my personal life , but I can't dare to bring that to work.
    It isn't easy , but you have to learn to leave your troubles at the door when you enter into a professional environment.
    Eventually , you will become so good at it no one will ever even hint that you may feel opposite of the persona you give off.
    Good luck !

    • Any tips for putting on the persona?

    • No, there really is no tip other than just to think about something positive and to think about each and every word before you say it.

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  • I think it's not a good idea to not be yourself for long periods of time as it can burn you out. But a lot of people feel the need to behave in a way that others will like them.

    Is the depressed you the real you or is it preventing you from being who you really are? If it's not who you are then maybe see a doctor, try therapy, or medication.