Does anyone feels tired or frustrated of being in the country where they live?

I came to the country where I live when I was 3 years old. And I didn't leave since then.
I only know the country where I was born from TV and from what people tell me. I don't want to go back there because it doesn't seem a good place to live and I don't like the way people behave and think there.
The thing is that, everything and everyone here makes me sad and frustrated. I can't find anything good in this country. People are ugly, they smell, they're annoying, they're xenophobic and racist... I could go on with this...
I'm really tired of being here, but I'm not able to leave yet. I know I have to work to achieve my goals.

Does anyone feels this way? What can I do to overcome this while I can't go to another country?


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  • try to limit the country you live iv now into small units like your country would be your small family and this two or one friend that shares the same concepts with you. Try to limit your general thinking and focus in planing a small targets to achieve your bigger goal in a timeline.


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  • I'm frustrated that we just elected a drama teacher as our prime minister but oter than that I love my country, I'll probably never leave.

    • That's great!
      I was forced to leave my country and now I have to leave the one where I live...
      I wish I was born in a decent country. Then everything would be easier...

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