Is technology creating more introverts?

People interact a lot via phones or computers and don't talk and socialize like they used to. Video games are social interaction for the isolated or introverted essentially especially the ones who rarely go out.

I'm not saying online isn't good over met some cool and long time friends online just it isn't the same. People get lazy I guess


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  • Of course it is. It (internet/social media)'s also reinforcing peoples terrible ideas and ways of thinking, all you have to do is search what topic you're interested in and you have an echo chamber (online forum) to discuss it with other like minded people, i. e. Tumblr SJW, Youtube trolls, racist forums. And the SJW part of it is pussifying and feminizing the youth.


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  • I don't see how technology that connects people is more isolating than living on a farm or being stuck in some little town.

  • I don't think so, and there isn't anything wrong with being an introvert. I don't think you fully understand what that is? Mostly introverts appreciate alone time and feel recharged from it, while extroverts can't stand being alone and feel recharged from being around people. Being around people constantly for me is draining.


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  • I don't know but you have a good point. Hence what you are saying may be right