Do you enjoy Radiohead. What do you think is the intention of their music? How does their music make you feel?


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  • I've heard people talk about radiohead a lot so I decided to listen to a few songs... and honestly, it is not my cup of tea.

    • The man is torn by the human fabrication of meaning most people take so seriously. His musing on the socialized concept of advancement or improvement r dark but so fucking relatable, everyone can feel the emotion he appeals to in his work.

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  • I like their shit. It's good for when you're driving home at 3am wondering what the fucking point of life is.

    In fact, I'd say it was intended for soul-searching. I think it makes me reflect and reminisce. Who knows dude, I just know I keep a copy of The Bends in my car for suc ocasions

    • Haha, I have a feeling we'd be good friends man. And ya there's definitely a component of their music that wrapped in nostalgia. The vague descriptions always inspire you to explore your memory.

      My favorite line from life in a glass house:

      "Well of course I'd like to sit in the chair"

      Ofcourse I want to satisfy the simple ambitions placed before me, but ultimately what is their purpose. One line leads to a myriad of thoughts like these.

    • Hey, if you're in Connecticut we should hang out and smoke.

      Fake Plastic Trees always gets me. I think it just perfectly describes most people's sterile, safe, pointless existences.

      'Her green plastic watering can
      For her fake Chinese rubber plant
      In the fake plastic earth
      That she bought from a rubber man'

      I'm not usually the one to give the Brits a compliment, but they nailed it with Thom Yorke. Man's a lyrical genius.

    • I wish I was dude. I could go for a late night blaze with good music and clever conversation.

      Plastic Tree is such unique concept. Unlike natural trees which develop organically in tandem with their environment, plastic trees are mass produced and manufactured identically. Perhaps Yorke thinks the vast amount of people appeal to a format of life that has been syntheticly generated.

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  • Both their intention and the way it makes me feel is to vomit. Led Zeppelin baby

  • The only song I have heard by them is creep... So I can't say much

    I do have a list of songs that my friends tell me to listen to, and on that list is Karma Police, Paranoid Android and the album Pablo Honey. I will probably answer once I listen to those

  • Pretentious whining.

    • A genuine dissatisfaction with life is much more relatable than an upbeat facade. He speaks of his subjective experience in the way he interprets it, I don't know how that can be seen as pretentious.

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