My psychiatrist wants to increase my dose?

I'm currently on antidepressants. My psuchiatrist wants to increase my doses, which I don't want to as I fear getting addicted. I don't like to take these pills, but after a conference the staff (my team) agreed that I should after I had returning episodes.

I don't like to take the pills. They make me feel very drowsy, sleepy, increased acne, annoyed and just... lifeless? more than I would say I am.
I've struggled with the brands - this is one of the few I haven't gotten reactions on (puking, fever, headache)

Can I say no to this? I don't want to risk getting sick on another brand, or up the dose as I think it would make the side effects worse.

I'm eighteen by the way, and please excuse my horrible English. I tried my best to translate this in my head, as I have no dictionary available, and I thought that this would be a great way to exercise my English.


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  • You can say "No" or just not take the extra doses. They won't physically be checking if you took them or not. But I suggest doing what doctors suggest because they know more about what should help you. Your health is #1

  • You can always say no. Antidepressants are NOT addictive. Tell them that you're drowsy from the meds.


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